We could bang on about how fab our events are: but we would much prefer our guests to tell you all about it, here is a review from the gorge CURIOUS MUMMY AND The sassy CHEAP BLONDE. 

The brill pics are by Kelly Reeves


Since I became a Mum almost four years ago, I have learnt that snack time is just as important as Breakfast, Lunch and Tea. Skipping snacks have led to mass meltdowns and the ultimate public humiliation which none of us Mums deserve. While my skin has thickened over time, I do try to avoid this at all costs. I’m really conscious over what my children eat but guilty at times of giving them the odd bread stick or chocolate coin.  I am human after all but making conscious food choices are important, particularly for my children’s future.


The baby and toddler snack market is full of claims of free from this and no added that, nutritionist approved or no artificial ingredients when so much of it has hidden added sugar and salt which can be proportionally more than the recommended daily allowance.  Deciphering the ingredients list can become confusing and frustrating especially when all you want is to give your child a snack which is healthy and tasty.


Last week, I was invited to an event hosted by Organix Baby Food and Mothers Meeting. Where a wonderful panel of women talked about how our children can snack healthy.



On the panel was the lovely Jenny Scott, the founder of Mothers Meeting and mother to three children. Jenny was joined by Lizzie King, mother to three children, an expert Nutritional Health Coach, and author. Cherry Healey, TV Presenter, Writer and mother of two childern. Beth, the founder of Young Gums, soon to be cookbook author and mother of one with baby number two in the oven and finally Lucy Thomas, Childrens Food Expert, founder of Mangetout and Spokesperson for Organix.

The panel talked passionately about how we can make more informed choices about our children’s snacks and offered some practical advice of what do look out for, how to manage meal times and how to find that balance. For instance, did you know that between the ages of six to twelve months babies have a eight week window of where their taste buds are most receptive. Exposing them to many flavours during this time will leave them less fussy or apprehensive at trying new things.



The panel, spoke about how they’d incorporated realistic healthy eating habits into their children’s lives. Cherry Healy mentioned that when she picks her children up from school, she is always armed with a snack. The snack fills them up until they get home and then she serves them their evening meal. She found planning meal time this way encourages her children to eat better and prevents them from raiding the sugar jar. Since the event I put Cherry’s advice into action and have found that the 4-6pm hour is far less stressful and both of my children are much happier. Win.


It was interesting to understand what goes into our children’s food. Organix has a ‘No Junk Promise’ pledge and only uses organic ingredients. Each of their products are made with only what the snack is made fromwith no hidden nasties. My daughter Olivia sampled Organix newest snacks Pea Puffs and finished the packet within seconds (with a little help from me, they are seriously tasty.)  The Pea Puffs are made up of 80% Dried Green Peas and 20% Corn. The snacks are the perfect shape for little fingers too. I am forever making protein balls which my children are partial to but it does take time so I was delighted to see that Organix have created a Coconut & Cocoa-  Fruit & Seed Bites. Made up of 37% Dates, 37% Prunes, 1-% Sunflower Seeds, 10% Dried Coconut, 5% Cocoa Powder, less than 1% Rice flour and less than 1% of Vanilla Extract.

I really appreciate the Organix food pledge and came away feeling completely reassured that they have listened and understood me as a parent. It is refreshing to find a children’s food brand that you can trust. I also was inspired by all the wonderful parents on the panel and came away with some honest and practical tips on how to make snack time healthy.

Thank you Organix and Mothers Meeting. Olivia and I, had a truly brilliant day.


We also luRRRRvvvvvvve this review from the sassy CHEAP BLONDE

Stepping in to what I think is my fifth Mothers Meeting, I arrive at the Paper Mill studios which has been transformed by Organix into a very green covered and child friendly environment. With special thanks to the ladies from @bubblebabysittingapp who allow us mums to have a little natter and to be able to listen to what we’ve came for, a talk on healthy snacking aimed at the little ones by Organix Foods.


The talk, panelled by Cherry Healy, Lizzie King, Lucy Thomas, and Beth Bentley is very funny and informative!

Kind of stuff you feel like you should already know, but hearing from the experts gives it more punch!


This is a particularly busy MM, but I love having so many friendly mums in the same room to chat to.

I always love coming to MM as I know I won’t be made to feel like an outcast  if the little one starts getting a bit noisy as we’re all the same boat.


Thanks for inviting me to come along, and for the goodie bag full of healthy (mum-guilt free) snacks!