We are The Indytute, curating ‘Brilliantly Inspired Lessons’ . The indytute cover everything we love from neon sign making classes and wire bird making to hula hoop classes and flirting workshops. We put our lessons into fabulous venues such as Hoxton Hotel, Shoreditch House and Selfridges and we work with companies from Cath Kidston and Benefit to Battersea Power Station. We have built an engaging brand to book in our individual lessons . We also work with Not On the High Street, selling experience gift vouchers. The Head of all things is Calypso Rose, previously an award winning entrepreneur with her gift company Clippy London. Clippy London is now licensed and Calypso has always had her eye on a class – a class to make you feel good about yourself and forget the mundane. The key to the success of The Indytute are our teachers. They are leaders in their field, brilliant communicators and know how to inspire our customers, who are a pretty sophisticated bunch.


That in a nutshell, is all about us. This next bit is all about YOU.


The Indytute are often asked for classes for mothers and their children. At the moment we simply don’t have the time to develop this side of our business. We also know that this is a side of The Indytute that should be developed and could grow at a very fast rate. It includes parties, pre-school, restaurants, holiday clubs, symbiotic brands with childrens shops etc. This is a large area, and one that we feel should be run by mothers with the drive and commitment to start and run a new business. This mother also needs to have her fingers on the pulse of what and who is out there for children. So we are throwing out the gauntlet. If you would like to work with The Indytute, creating Indytute Kids then we will provide the platform for you to do it, the business know how and marketing back up. If you are entrepreneurial and looking for a new challenge contact Calypso Rose. and LInkedIn

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