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757e9f9a-142d-49a5-8866-2f0d41923183-1screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-3-54-54-pmThe question we all want to know the answer to, what is it that makes a brand choose a blogger for a campaign, what makes a brand want to work with one blogger over another, how do brands select influencers to work with. For bloggers looking to take their blog full time or start to earn money from collaborations, understanding what brands are looking for is really helpful in defining your own commercial offering but it’s also something that’s not very widely discussed or available to us.

That is why we asked these experts for what they look for when working for Bloggers/Instagrammers/Influencers:

NOELLA DIXON – Head of PR, Mothercare
JO JACKSON – Global Head of Content and Creative Services Diesel
ALEX HOLDER – Content Director, Elle Magazine
HOLLY EDDLESTON – Director of Influence and Marketing, The Corner/Exposure

As the blogging industry boomed, so did the value of influencers to brands, so bloggers and content producers now form quite an important part of many of my clients business strategies.
That is why discussed learning/discussing and everything involved with brands and influencers:

A Strategic fit
Scale (followers)
Relevancy & Brand Match
Quality & Results
Influence & SEO potential

And of course we Networked!!!!!!
All Mothers Meeting events are informal and super chill. There are always plenty of chances to talk, share information, build associations and develop new business. We limit attendees to two per company to maximise the opportunities each event creates for cooperation, collaboration and we are always on hand to make introductions between businesses/mamas where we think there will be common interest and value, often using knowledge gained by previous conversations or our own research.

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