We don’t want to bang on about how fab our events are, so we hand it over to our loyal MM mamas to give you real, honest low down – this month we hand it over to the lovely Verity who has a brill blog – check it out here (That is verity below)

Meet the Pukka’s:

I first came across Mother Pukka soon after I gave birth to my baby boy. Obviously I was aware of her movement with Flex Appeal and the amazing things she is doing around work that works for being a Mum, but it was when I was scrolling through insta stories that I probably became a bigger fan and my girl crush began, (In a none stalker way of course)!

I was instantly hooked with Anna’s daily life, watching her manage her 2 little ones and how she made light of some really challenging situations being a mother. When I say make light, I mean she has me laugh out loud, all hours of the day, getting me through some lonely times sat at home with my little one. And of course, who doesn’t love her Mc skanky titties? She really does make me feel that I can parent the shit out of life!

So, when I found out about an opportunity to meet not only one Pukka, not even two, but three of the Pukka’s, I booked my ticket without hesitation. Mother Pukka and Papa Pukka would be doing a talk on social media content and eve aka Stevie would be there hanging by their side.

This would be my first mothers meeting, and I’ll be honest the night before I was nervous. You hear stories that some of these kind of events can be quite cliquey. That these mums already have their close group of other mums friends and you are not sure if you’ll fit in! Ridiculous right?

I was meeting a wonderful mama I’d met through Instagram so I felt a little better about that, but the evening before I was checking the mothers meeting Instagram and I could see other mums had the same feelings of nervousness. Jenny (the founder) was reassuring us all that there was no need to feel this way. She was right.

While waiting for my friend I recognised other mums I was following on Instagram and had chatted too and now we were all finally congregating together. I was excited.

Arriving inside the cool venue of Town Hall Hotel, warm welcomes were given by the two girls taking names and once entering the tea and coffee room, Jenny was there saying hellos and giving hugs and kisses to everyone entering the room. Whether she’d met them before or not.

This was the time to scan the room. Who did I know? Which mama and baby faces could I recognise from the world of Instagram. Insta mums all together in our ‘mum celebrity world’.

As i entered the room for the talk, I first saw Mother Pukka’s red pram, funny what becomes familiar watching insta stories. She was sat at the front with (st)Eve(ie) her life barnicle with Papa Pukka standing close by. Anna gave me a lovely big smile as I headed over to my seat

We all piled in and took our seats where our goody bags from TALKTALK were waiting.

Before the main content began around social media, it was really interesting to hear from Jenny and how mothers meeting began. A story all first time mothers are familiar with. The feeling of loneliness, wanting to meet other mums but not sure how to, especially more so 6 years ago when Jenny arranged her mothers meeting.

I was amazed really at her success, inspired at how far she’d come with it all and felt empowered by the whole mother movement. Especially hearing about how Mother Pukka had attended her first mothers meeting, loaded with business cards and her logo, with 50 followers on Instagram, but she spread her brand around like wildfire. Goes to show that with some sheer determination and enthusiasm you can achieve amazing things.

It’s clear to see that friendships and businesses have been and are still built through mothers meeting.

There was also a guest speaker from TALKTALK.
An insight into TALKTALK Fibre as we’ve already surpassed broadband, with our many devices. Something I never really thought about but our everyday devices, plus the tv, game consoles, and even the heating means broadband just isn’t enough.

(FYI: The average UK home has 7 devices connected to the Wi-Fi, but based on some research we did last year, many homes have up to 14 devices connected at any one time (I know there was a big showing of hands at the event for people saying to have had over 10).

With everything from our mobile devices and game consoles, to our TVs and even the heating thermostat all connecting to one router, the reality is that the connectivity needs of many households across the UK have surpassed traditional broadband. Just as many homes used to have to wait to make a call because someone else was using the internet, now we see households taking it in turns to do everything they want to do online – check out why fibre is better than Broadband here )

So, the actual talk itself then. Pre questions had been set by mothers meeting around how to engage your audience, how to keep them engaged and about creating content to do both these things. Both Papa and Mother Pukka had lots of useful advice, hints and tips. I particularly loved the fact that Anna had done some homework and looked up some of the guests Instagram feeds to give some honest and constructive feedback on the day.

An open discussion then took place where we could ask the duo what we needed advice on.

I found the day serious at times, but with a lot of banter, smiles and laughter. Overall it was informative, relaxed and honest.

I loved meeting the Pukka’s, I came away feeling inspired and meeting some lovely mothers finally face to face was just lovely. I feel honoured to have attended my first mothers meeting and I look forward to many more events that celebrate Motherhood, that yes it can be hard at times but it’s mother pucking worth it!