Hamptons International Works with Mothers Meeting, ‘London’s coolest mums’ to target those thinking of moving out of London. 


Leading estate agent Hamptons International and Mothers Meeting – a network of ‘the world’s coolest mums’ – yesterday held an event, Making Moves, at Bethnal Green’s Town Hall Hotel & Apartments for those aspiring to move away from the capital with their families.


Mothers Meeting founder Jenny Scott was joined by a panel of mums who have a prominent social media following, with tens of thousands of followers between them, derived from their love of documenting everyday family life. Each have already experienced the journey of swapping London for elsewhere, as well as Hamptons’ Head of Sales and mum of three Mary Beeton, who also had pearls of wisdom to share about the reality of leaving London behind. Topics ranged from ‘In what way has moving improved your life?’ to ‘Top 10 things to do once you’ve decided to move’, and with an audience of almost sixty there was much to be discussed.


To kick proceedings off, the panel were asked ‘What was the pivotal moment you knew you had to go?’ One speaker, Mairead, who is the owner of Hackney-based Lion Coffee and  Records – and has almost 12,000 followers on Instagram – told of how she ‘accidentally moved to Margate’ when her home was having structural works, so moved with her family temporarily into a house they had formerly purchased for investment… and just never returned. Another, Sophie, an illustrator and mural artist with over 1,100 loyal followers, was inspired after visiting her sister in Australia and seeing the children play in the rainforest, making her contemplate a more rural existence. Other mums on the panel included; Kirsti, founder of GRLPWR (girl power), a network of creative and empowering women, who has over 5,000 followers; Roxy Hempel, who has an ethical lifestyle blog and 1,300 followers and Ali, owner of The Bright Company, who has almost 24,000 followers.


Mary Beeton, also on the panel and Head of Sales at Hamptons International provided the room with the latest stats on the number of Londoners who bought a home outside of the capital last year – 74,000 – alongside information on the most popular areas. Mary also gave valuable insights into the typical dilemmas of uprooting the family, such as the benefits of a better selection of schools and top tips on what to do when you decide you want to make the move. Bee Aspinall, Founder of Life after London, provided the group with an engaging presentation on breaking down the pros and cons to staying in London versus leaving.


Commenting on the event, Jenny Scott, Founder of Mothers Meeting, said:


“We could not be happier with the turnout of our latest Confidence Conference, Making Moves. I feel like the mums there not only had their questions answered by fellow mums who have already made the huge move that they are considering, but also had the chance to gel with like-minded London women by sharing everything they both love and loathe about living in the city with children. Whether that’s discussing how much they will miss the quirky coffee shops, or admitting the reality of how annoying it is rushing away from a party to catch the last train home, these women are hopefully now feeling clearer about whether moving is right for them and their families.”


Mary Beeton, Head of London Sales at Hamptons International, commented:

It was a pleasure to team up with Mothers Meeting, a property industry first. Having been through the process myself, I felt confident in reassuring these ladies that there absolutely is life after London and that there are ways of making their move that little bit smoother. Moving house is a difficult decision at the best of times, let alone when you are also considering leaving the city where the majority of your network might still be based or your job still is, which is why it’s great that Hamptons International and Mothers Meeting have been able to join forces for this conference to both inform and inspire those who are yet to make the leap.”


Women on the Panel


Mary Beeton: @marybeeton75

Jenny Scott: @mothersmeeting

Mairead Nash: @maireadluv

Alienor Falconer: @thebrightcompany

Kirsti Hadley: @buggiedout

Roxy Hempel: @roxyhempel

Bee Aspinall: @lifeafterlondon_bee



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