It’s bloody hard being a mum let alone a working mum. Trying to fit everything and everyone in, and not feeling as if you are doing anything properly. Oh and not forgetting the dreaded guilt!

What did we sign up for? Yep it’s tough, but hey, like we always say ‘the hardest things in life are always the best’ (convincing ourselves with this mantra daily!!!!!) But rather than seeing the glass half empty, us Mothers Meeting mamas no matter how hard things get, we like to see the positive in everything! Ohhh yes we know that sounds cheesy as hell – but it’s true.

We don’t want to waste time feeling that life is running against us. We want to grab life by the balls and show it who’s boss! Because when you think about it, life can be pretty f@ck!ng awesome! And yes, you are the boss of your own life, but you just don’t feel like it everyday! But you really are!

Other than an unlimited Waitrose gift card, cleaner, nanny, Range Rover, walk in wardrobe, financial independence, a new set of Agent Provocateur undies for every day of the week, loads of posh cosmetics (oh oh oh the list is endless) sometimes all we want is to use that brain of ours and do something other than change nappies, watch the night garden, conjure up new baby purée concoctions and stalk our Insta Crushes (constantly).

Yep, using our this amazing gift called THE BRAIN is all we really need – well at least get it oiled and ready to work after having ‘baby brain’ for the past God knows how many months – so the Range Rover and cleaner can be put on hold for a bit! (Defo not letting that dream slide though).

Whether you have an idea for a business or you would like to meet other women in a similar situation to yourself to get some inspiration, or maybe you are already running your very own start-up or blog and you want to make the next move (getting a premises/loan/employee/website etc) but perhaps you don’t have the confidence?? Is something holding you back?

Maybe fearful thoughts of failure, humiliation, losing money? WELL if that’s the case than you need to get that (bad) ass of yours to The Mothers Meeting Confidence Conference on the 27th September, 11am, at the decadent and super sexy Townhall in London Town! We have the sassy, serious and powerful Alice Olins and Phanella founders of the kickass The Step Up Club, to give you the knowledge, tips and techniques to stop all the self doubt you have ever had!

Our ‘Confidence Conference’ mixed with networking will be an invaluable / unmissable event for anyone with the slightest bit of self doubt! What you will get from this event (or money back guaranteed) is:

Motivation Support Inspiration Confidence Contacts Reassurance Belief And … That kick-up-the-ass you’ve been waiting for!

Careers are tricky when you’re just dealing with the day job, but what about all the other stuff? You need confidence and to feel a sense of happiness to work out how to do it as a woman? Or is it that you get fed up with your current career altogether and are yearning for something new, but don’t know how to muster the energy or vision?

Jobs can be a minefield – and that’s before you have kids. So to help with all things work-related, we’ve invited Alice and Phanella from THE STEP UP CLUB, who have just launched their first book ‘ STEP UP: Confidence, Success and Your Stellar Career in 10 Minutes a Day’ to come and talk about Confidence and Self-Promotion. Their approach isn’t about fighting men to the top, or even reaching the top, if that isn’t your bag. THE STEP UP CLUB believes in a blend of fast-paced practical workouts and deep-rooted emotional guidance. Come and hear them talk…