Mothers Meeting teamed up with Bubble Baby Sitting app  to host a very lovely event at Shoreditch House to talk all things childcare.

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Pics by kelly Reeves

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Childcare. A subject my partner and I are kind of talking about and kind of not.

Kind of not, because it’s scary and quite frankly I’m pretty shocked that my maternity leave will be ending in just a few months and I have to contemplate managing work and what happens with the baby.

So, what’s the first option when you think about childcare? Obviously if you are lucky enough you’ll have the grandparents around to take on that role, and most likely for free and who could you trust more? No one. Well for me and many, many more this isn’t the option. Unless I can figure a way to ship my baby to and from Yorkshire every day! Then the next option is Nursery right? But costs and timings don’t always make this a suitable choice.

Thankfully, an amazing bunch of mamas have been pulled together to talk at a mothersmeeting  coffee morning. All about childcare conundrums, their experiences and what’s worked and not for them.

This is my second mothersmeeting event, and I did it! I braved it alone this time! Well, no other adult at least. Beau (my 4 month old baby boy) joined me for his first meeting!

Held at the ever so fancy cool Shoreditch House, I walked into a room full of stylish and inspiring mamas. If Carlsberg did Mums it would probably be this lot.

I thought I might feel intimidated, but I had so many warm welcomes and people come over to me to introduce themselves I instantly felt relaxed.

The morning started with the creator of the new bubble babysitting app going through how it works and what’s it all about. It was also a chance to ask our questions first hand and I think the one on everyone’s mind was the safety elements of this app. Rest assured, these people are checked, checked and checked again!

Then the ever so glam panel, just another Mum blogger, the mother of all adventures, the hunger mama, the Mum club and Mum life styled went through what they’ve done/are doing in regards to looking after their little ones.

This was a great insight into other options, other than nursery’s. Nanny’s, childminders and opairs have all been used and successfully. Stories were shared that we laughed about, related too, emphasised with and looked up to.

The bubble app is being used, not just so we can have that ‘date night’ but so we can do the supermarket shop or grab a few hours work. It’s even being used so you can have that lie in on a Saturday morning!

It’s great that we are in a time and place where we have so many options, where we can talk about our issues, experiences and worries and it’s amazing that we have so many possibilities to make it work for us and our lifestyles.

An insightful morning and once again, mothersmeeting brought together such a lovely bunch of Mums. What’s next for childcare? Hotel for children?! Watch this space!