Last week, Pip and I attended the London launch of a brand refresh for Bobux and the launch of their new innovative Play range of trainers. Held at achingly hip dance centre Frame, and hosted by Mothers Meetings, we had a fab, in our case, tiger themed time, including face-painting, shoe fitting and a hip hop dance class for the little ones, all accompanied by child friendly beats from FunDMC.

We’ve long been Bobux wearers in this house – Pip’s first moccasins and then first shoes and first boots all came from the Bobux. As the company is based in New Zealand, the first two pairs of moccasins had to be posted to us from NZ by M’s aunt. Thankfully, soon thereafter, Bobux became available online here in the UK.

We were drawn to Bobux for a couple of reasons – first, we like the research that is put into the shoes and we liked their barefoot is best ethos whilst still making suitable shoes to protect Pip’s feet and also to keep them warm. Barefoot in a summer is one thing, barefoot in a miserable damp London winter when Pip was learning to walk, not so much. Secondly, we really liked the more unisex presentation of the brand and the option to have plain leather sandals, shoes and boots, unlike some of the leading UK shoe retailers.

We were fitted with and then given a pair of Blaze tiger hi-tops, which Pip chose and Pip then had a chance to try out some hip-hop dancing. She loves to dance, and has recently started ballet lessons, and I was really impressed by her willingness to have a go and the patience of the teacher, who went through movements individually with lots of the kids.

I was thrilled with her shoe choice, as I love orange, love the hi-tops and loved the fact they matched her interests! The tigers are the only hi-top in the range which also includes a unicorn, cheetah and snow-wolf (they are in sizes 22-29EU).

Pip has worn hers every day since the launch and it is fair to say we are both really happy with them and would highly recommend them – they’ve been admired by both the other kids, parents and staff at pre-school and Pip loves the colour, design and fact she can easily identify which one goes on which foot and can do them up all by herself. She has been scooting and running in them, and whilst being lightweight and flexible, they are also surprisingly durable. The custom tread was inspired by Formula 1 tyre tread and designed for good grip on heel plant and toe drive, and the amplified heel grip and unique ‘stop’ grip has been designed to improve grip when scooting, skateboarding or biking – which Pip is particularly fascinated by as she is desperate for me to upgrade her scooter to a skateboard, and insists on riding her scooter sideways as if she is on a board already!



There’s this phenomenon we discovered while out testing our designs. Parents willingly buy their children inferior shoes for everyday use, knowing the wear and tear they will be exposed to.
When kids are developing spatial awareness and balance – they are wearing shoes that hinder this development.
As a company that wants to do the best thing possible for kids foot development, we knew we had to do better.
So we started to look at how kids were using their shoes.
Running, jumping, kicking climbing: – How would this extreme usage change our approach What could we do differently to meet the needs of kids being kids?
The Bobux Play Range was developed as an answer to these questions.
Bobux Play is about us as designers taking a youthful approach – challenging what we know, breaking the rules, and having fun doing what we do.
It’s about us pushing the boundaries of what a kids shoe can be just as kids push the boundaries of what shoes can take in an activity they do every day: PLAY

Bobux 2016 PLAY range from Bobux on Vimeo.