Here the lovely MUMMY GORGEOUS tells us all about her experience…
If you are like me, ambitious, determined and not yet ready to climb into a hole and give up on your life just because you are a mother then you may find the general run of the mill mother and child/baby coffee mornings slightly uninspiring. It is of course lovely to have a chat about your new bundle of joy but how about a chat about you. As mothers we still matter. I know it doesnt quite feel like it at times but we do. I’m Slightly ashamed to say but I never did the standard coffee mornings so I don’t have an experience to compare it to but I do know that when I stumbled across Mothers Meetings, I actually wanted to be a part of this influencual group of ambitious mothers. I love the fact that Jenny (the founder) realised that many mothers want and need more and she’s done the most amazing job by creating the most desirable mothers meeting network EVER.
The meetings are unconventional and so refreshing. Always at a prestigious venue, connecting mothers with the most inspring speakers (usually mothers with success stories) and brands. The undertone of the meetings is that if you hustle hard enough anyone can make anything work. If you are a mumpreneur, a business owner or someone thinking about being either of those you must go to an event and be inspired.
Jenny makes the experience so relaxed, she takes the time to make you feel at ease, she is down to earth and all in all my type of girl someone that would not be out of place in my circle of friends. Guess that’s why everyone loves her! She provides the tools and all you have to do is be a little bit curious and go along to one of her meetings and make the most of the experience. Yes, its a little daunting the first time round, but really there is no need to feel this way at all. They are such a friendly bunch. Being in that environment did wonders for my confidence and with each meeting you start to really feel the benefits of walking away with an increased network and amazing that you have done something for yourself.
It doesn’t matter if becoming an entrepreneur is not high up on your agenda, there are more than the Business Networking events on offer. As long as you are still interested in life there will be something for you. A few weeks ago I attended an interior design taster course run by Mothers Meeting. It was sponsored by one of the most iconic children’s brands Stokke and leading the interior design session was KLC School of Design. I love events that focus on a particular subject, its so nice to be surrounded by likeminded women for a few hours, have a chat, share interests and swap details to build lasting friendships or a business relationship.
The morning started with Stokke showcasing their beautiful product range and talking us through their innovative furntiure that evolves as a child grows, their furniture pieces are a worthwhile investment as the majority of pieces will stay in the family home for many years. KLC school of design followed by giving us a detailed taster of their interior design course. Most of you will know how obsessed I am currently with interior design since moving house. It’s always been a passion but now I have the perfect excuse to put it into practice. We touched on colour palettes and how to choose complimentary colours, patterns and how customising inexpensive furniture from places like ikea can give your home a unique design led feel.